Hell's Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay eliminated two chefs and determined the thirteenth season's Top 4 contestants during Wednesday night's special two-episode event of the culinary competition on Fox.

Brian Santos, a 33-year-old sous chef from Boston, MA, and Roe DiLeo, a 33-year-old head chef from Dallas, TX, were ousted from Hell's Kitchen after Chef Ramsay determined they were not ready to be leaders and potentially serve as an executive chef in one of his restaurants following two poor back-to-back dinner services.

The first episode began with the season's initial Individual Challenge. The six chefs were asked to design and execute a visually stunning and delicious steak dish in 45 minutes or less. The dishes were judged by the president and vice president of Omaha Steaks -- Bruce Simon and Todd Simon respectively.

Roe ended up winning the challenge and therefore received the opportunity to be featured in advertisements across the country for Omaha Steaks. She got her face on a billboard and also earned a $1,000 shopping spree at a kitchen supplies store. The rest of the chefs had to break down and portion 200 pounds of beef for the upcoming dinner service.

For the dinner service, all six remaining chefs had to work as a team against two professional chefs and Chef Ramsay himself in the opposing kitchen. Brian seasoned the Caesar salads too much and wasn't offering much help to anyone. Roe delivered meat that was too raw.

After an "uneven" and "dreadful" dinner service in which Chef Ramsay's team finished five tables ahead of them, Bryant Gallaher, a 29-year-old lead line cook from Virginia Beach, VA, was dubbed the best chef of the night and got to nominate two people for elimination.

Bryant therefore selected Roe for not taking ownership of her station and also Brian for not making much of an impact or offering much help. It marked Roe's fifth time on the chopping block and Brian's third strike.

Chef Ramsay chose to send home Brian because he was bouncing around the kitchen without really accomplishing anything. 
In the second episode last night, the remaining five chefs participated in another challenge. They were required to cook lunch utilizing a wide array of meats and produce on the grill in 45 minutes for glamorous campers known as "glampers." The person to receive the most votes would win, and that person ended up being Bryant. He earned 33% of the votes.

As a reward, Bryant underwent his own urban camping experience and got to choose one person to join him. That chef was Sade Dancy, a 25-year-old lead line cook from Philadelphia, PA. The losing contestants were forced to clean the streets of Hollywood Hills, including dog poop.

During the night's dinner service, the five chefs had to cook for the entire dining room. Jennifer Salhoff, a 33-year-old private chef from Philadelphia, PA, cooked one piece of fish poorly and didn't season the garnish enough. Chef Ramsay called the group a bunch of amateurs and the dinner service very "frustrating."

Chef Ramsay then asked the chefs to nominate two people for elimination. They decided on Jennifer for her lack of communication and poor execution on the fish station as well as Roe for being inconsistent overall. Chef Ramsay then ousted Roe, determining the season's Top 4 chefs.