Hell's Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay chose to eliminate no one from the thirteenth-season culinary competition during Wednesday night's broadcast on Fox.

Although Sterling Wright, a 40-year-old grill chef from Nashville, TN, and Frank Bilotti, a 26-year-old executive chef from Staten Island, NY, were nominated for elimination by the Red Team after losing Hell's Kitchen's first-ever "Best in Show" dinner service, Gordon saved them both since he was thoroughly satisfied with each team's performance.

The Hell's Kitchen broadcast began with Gordon announcing he had "one more bit of business" to take care of after back-to-back miserable dinner services. He asked Frank to step forward, and Frank assumed he'd be going home. However, Gordon just sent Frank over to the Red Team. In turn, the chef sent Sade Dancy, a 25-year-old lead line cook from Philadelphia, PA, to the Blue Team.      

For the challenge, dogs from the American Kennel Club arrived, and Gordon explained each team must prepare "a stunning tasting menu" ahead of the following day's events. Gordon asked the teams to each select two appetizers and three entrees to present, but only two appetizers and three entrees would be selected in total. The team to have the most chosen dishes for the menu would win the challenge.

The teams were judged by Chef Douglas Keane and Chef Neal Fraser, and the Red Team ended up winning by a 3-2 vote. For winning the challenge, the Red Team members were sent to Sea World in San Diego and then dined at Searsucker restaurant. The losing team was forced to set up the dining room and wash and groom some of the show dogs.

In the middle of the dinner service, Gordon complimented the Blue Team for having completed the best 40 minutes ever done in any service in the show's history thanks to their excellent communication skills and team work.

After the Red Team was declared the losing team, its members nominated Frank for his slip-ups on the Caesar salads and Sterling for having executed two overcooked pork chops.

When pleading their cases, Sterling argued he was stronger than Frank and had a better personality. Frank said he's drastically improved over time and has the drive and passion to win the whole thing. Gordon declared them both safe since both teams finally finished a commendable dinner service.