Former "Hollywood madam" turned Nevada "stud farm" wrangler Heidi Fleiss says hundreds of men want to work at her all-male bordello.

Fleiss has received 500 e-mails from men seeking employment at "Heidi's Stud Farm," the brothel she plans on opening in Crystal, Nev., the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Tuesday.

Fleiss told the newspaper she is no longer in business with brothel owner Joe Richards and plans on seeking a license from the state on her own.

"I'm doing it on my own," Fleiss said. "I'm not looking for a pimp."

She declined to say what caused the split.

Fleiss said she plans to have her stud farm operating on the 60-acre ranch she owns 80 miles outside of Las Vegas by Valentines Day.

Fleiss also said her efforts to start up her business are being documented by the premium cable channel, HBO.