Heather Mills reportedly waltzed back to her native England only a day after being ousted from Dancing with the Stars' fourth season on Tuesday night's live results show on ABC -- a move that not only left her skipping town, but also some scheduled appearances as well.

The 39-year-old former model two-stepped out of scheduled appearances on ABC's The Jimmy Kimmel Show and The View in-order to leave Los Angeles immediately following her elimination on Tuesday night, the New York Post reported Thursday.  However she apparently had a change of heart, as she gave an interview with Extra, taped Good Morning America and thanked Dancing with the Stars cast and crew on Wednesday, according to the Post, before flying back to England.

"Normally we have the person who gets eliminated off on our show, but Heather, I guess, just went right back to England," said Kimmel on his Tuesday night show, according to the Post.  "She hates America now.  So I hope you're happy with yourself."

"Heather Mills was supposed to be on this program by the way and has canceled out," The View host Barbara Walters announced on Wednesday's broadcast of the daytime talk show.  "I have very mixed feelings about Heather Mills," Walters continued.  "I did a -- I thought -- very positive [interview] piece about her [background and charity work several years ago and] then we began to hear that she was lying about this and lying about that so we did another piece in which I brought up a little of the material that maybe everything she had said was not totally true and a whole other side of her came out.  She didn't like that we brought up some of these things."

Mills had previously stated she was curious as to why her current divorce proceedings with estranged husband, former Beatle Paul McCartney, was something the media and American public was criticizing her for, actually breaking into tears as a recent guest on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS FM morning radio program. 

"She was in it to win it," The (London) Sun TV editor Sara Nathan -- who's been "closely following" Mills Dancing with the Stars' journey -- told the Post.  "She came over to woo the Americans.  Now, she's going off in a huff.  She's in a mood."

At least it appears Mills' beef isn't with reality television, as the Post reported she's "talking about" joining the cast of Strictly Come Dancing, the British version of Dancing with the Stars.  Maybe she just has a newfound interest in dancing.