The local council in the English city of Colchester has become embroiled in a dispute over grieving families hanging wind chimes in a cemetery.

One member of the council reportedly said the decorations hanging from tree branches make Colchester Cemetery look like Poundland, referring to a chain of variety stores where nothing is priced at more than a pound ($1.61), the East Anglian Daily Times reported. The council has ordered the tree be cleared by March 1.

At the heart of the dispute is Anne Lee, who lost her daughter Vicki six months ago.

Lee and Vicki's twin, Siobhan, frequently visit her grave.

"We have hung up seven different decorations which all have a personal meaning," Lee said. "There are hearts because we love her to bits, and wind chimes and dolphins because Vicki loved them."

Lee seems to have a lot of support among the public, if not on the borough council. Two people commenting on the story said they have relatives buried near the tree and find the wind chimes beautiful with one saying the family chose that section because of the chimes, the newspaper said.