A great white shark off the coast of New Zealand surprised a group of boaters by visiting the surface to snatch a meat pie that had been abandoned to the sea.

Rose Gullery, who captured the footage and posted it to YouTube, said she had been on a cage diving trip Saturday to celebrate her upcoming birthday when the group took a lunch break off the coast of Stewart Island.

Gullery's video shows some seagulls munching on a meat pie that had been thrown overboard from the boat.

"A fellow diver said to me, imagine if a shark came up to eat the pie -- I started rolling my camera and what felt like two seconds later the shark came up, took the pie in its mouth and dived back down," she told Yahoo7 news.

"The crew said it is rare for great whites to breach -- so seeing one come up for a pie was very cute I thought," Gullery said.