Google is celebrating Japanese-American short story author Hisaye Yamamoto with a new Doodle.

Google's homepage on Tuesday features artwork of Yamamoto writing by Doodler Alyssa Winans.

The Doodle was made in honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, which runs through May.

Yamamoto started writing newspaper articles for Japanese Californians using the name Napoleon as a teenager. Yamamoto's family was later relocated to a Japanese internment camp during World War II where they faced violence and harsh conditions.

She continued to be a writer for camp newspaper Poston Chronicle and returned to Los Angeles in 1945 where she became a columnist for the Los Angeles Tribune.

Yamamoto witnessed the racism many unrepresented groups faced and in 1948 she published her first short story titled The High Heeled Shoes. Yamamoto then left journalism and pursued writing full-time.

Yamamoto wrote about the intersection of gender, race and ethnicity. Her experience at the internment camp inspired her 1950 short story The Legend of Miss Sassagawara. The writer also won the Before Columbus Foundation's American Book Award for Lifetime Achievement in 1986.

"Throughout an acclaimed career, Yamamoto constructed candid and incisive stories that aimed to bridge the cultural divide between first and second-generation Japanese-Americans by detailing their experiences in the wake of World War II," Google said.