Google is celebrating Hollywood legend Marlene Dietrich on what would have been her 116th birthday with a new Doodle.

Google's homepage features artwork depicting the actress wearing a tuxedo and a top hat from her gender-bending role as nightclub dancer Amy Jolly in 1930's Morocco.

The artwork was done by RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 winner Sasha Steinberg, who is also known as drag performer Sasha Velour.

"She was a wild original!" Velour said to Google. "Despite the pressures of the time, she followed her own course, especially in terms of politics and gender. As a drag queen, that's particularly inspiring to me. Plus, she just had this power to every role she's mysterious and strong, brilliant. That's what I aspire to be when I step on the stage."

Dietrich came to fame during Hollywood's Golden Age with her breakout role as cabaret singer Lola-Lola in Germany's first talking picture, Der Blaue Engel and its English version, The Blue Angel. She would continue to work with Blue Angel director Josef von Sternberg in a number of memorable films, including Morocco, Shanghai Express and The Devil Is a Woman.

"Dietrich was more than a femme fatale with an unforgettable voice. Ever the risk-taker, she turned pat notions about femininity upside down, donning a tuxedo and top hat in her part as a sultry nightclub dancer in Morocco, and wearing men's silk suits offscreen. A U.S. citizen as of 1939, she captivated World War II troops as a USO entertainer and was awarded the U.S. Medal of Freedom and French Legion d'Honneur for her wartime work," Google said about her career.

Velour, during RuPaul's Drag Race, dressed up as Dietrich during the show's celebrity impersonation challenge titled Snatch Game.