Glen Powell is in talks to join the cast of Paramount's upcoming sequel to 1986's "Top Gun" starring a returning Tom Cruise titled "Top Gun: Maverick."

Powell, known for starring in Netflix's "Set It Up" and the film "Hidden Figures," was orginally in contention to star as the son of Goose, with the role eventually being given to Miles Teller, noted The Hollywood Reporter.

Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer were said to be impressed by Powell during the auditioning process and have found another role for the actor.

Powell's potential role in the film is being kept under wraps.

Jennifer Connelly is also set to star in the sequel along with Val Kilmer who will be reprising his role as Iceman, the rival of Cruise's Maverick as seen in the original film.

"Top Gun: Maverick," directed by Joseph Kosinski, is set for release on July 12, 2019.

The film will follow Maverick in the present day as he deals with the rise of drone technology that is making his style of jet fighter flying obsolete.

Photo credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls