A Memphis family said they are hoping a 13-year-old girl learned a lesson about stealing after being made to stand at the side of a road with a sign.

Lauren Scales, the girl's aunt, said Natia Wade's mother made her stand at the intersection of Poplar and Highland Feb. 12 holding a sign reading "I steal from my family," WPTY-TV, Memphis, reported Tuesday.

"My niece for the past couple of years, quite honestly has been kind of taking things. It hasn't been anything big, but it never really has to be," Scales said.

She said the girl's mother finally had enough when Wade stole her mom's debit card to reactive her cellphone, which had been cut off as a punishment.

"She didn't want to, she really didn't want to and I really didn't want to. Don't get me wrong because you never want to put your child in this situation because they're fragile, but with all of the things that are going on with kids stealing things and all the crime being committed in Memphis, she will not be one of them," Scales said.