Ginnifer Goodwin revealed the sex of her and Josh Dallas' second baby during an interview at the premiere of "Zootopia."

The "Once Upon a Time" co-stars will be having another son, Goodwin, 37, confirmed to E! News Wednesday night. She revealed both she and Dallas were hoping for the outcome.

"We honestly wanted that," mother to son Oliver Finlay Dallas said on the red carpet. "I have a sister, Josh has a brother. We're both close to our siblings. We liked the idea...two of the same. Don't care which."

Goodwin and Dallas, who met on set of "Once Upon a Time" and play Snow White and Prince Charming respectively, first revealed they were expecting in November.

In an interview for Disney Twenty-Three, Goodwin admitted she's afraid her children won't be as excited about Disney as she is. "We've gone to [Disneyland] probably a bit more than is healthy," she told the outlet.

"Oliver loves, loves, loves it," she continued. "I have a video of him having a dance jam with Pluto and Donald. He cries when we take him away from the characters instead of what most toddlers do, which is cry when the characters come to them."

Goodwin lends her voice to new Disney animated film "Zootopia" as police rabbit Judy Hopps. The children's movie opens in theaters March 4.