A new poll finds that Britons are more likely to believe in ghosts and spirits than they are in God.

God, however, ranks ahead of UFO's and the Loch Ness monster, Sky News reports.

ChoicesUK, an entertainment company, conducted the poll, surveying 2,012 people on their beliefs. The poll found that 68 percent believe in ghosts and 12 percent claim to have seen a ghost, while 55 percent believe that God exists.

When it comes to unidentified flying objects, or spaceships operated by extraterrestrial visitors, 26 percent are believers, while 19 percent believe in reincarnation and only 4 percent in Nessie, the sea monster of Loch Ness.

Movies like "The Blair Witch Project" and reality television have helped convince 76 percent that ghosts might exist.