"Thelma and Louise" star Geena Davis is suing two Minnesota residents she claimed presented her idea for a charitable foundation as their own.

In her suit filed Monday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Davis said she came up came up with the idea for See Jane, an organization focused on exploring the depiction of gender in children's media and sought Minnesotans Joseph Kelly and Nancy Gruver for help, TMZ.com reported Tuesday. The two, founders of the non-profit Dads & Daughters, agreed to be fiscal sponsors for the project.

Kelly and Gruver were shocked to they were sued, they said in a statement to UPI.

"Geena has acknowledged DAD's ownership of the See Jane program and expressed her admiration and gratitude" for their oversight, they said.

In her suit, Davis said she raised nearly $750,000 for See Jane and claimed Kelly and Gruver once told her "they were the owners of the See Jane project and of whatever legal rights existed in the See Jane name and goodwill."

Kelly and Gruver said Davis told them she wanted to operate See Jane independently and they had been working with her.

Davis seeks compensatory and punitive damages.