"Fuller House" released a new teaser starring Candace Cameron Bure on Friday.

The preview shows the cast assemble to help D.J. Tanner (Bure) move her sons and belongings back into dad Danny Tanner's (Bob Saget) house. The footage is the first to feature the returning "Full House" stars and new actors.

Jodie Sweetin appears as D.J.'s sister Stephanie Tanner, with Andrea Barber as D.J.'s best friend Kimmy Gibbler, John Stamos as Uncle Jesse, Lori Loughlin as Aunt Becky and Dave Coulier as Uncle Joey.

Newcomer Michael Campion plays D.J.'s eldest son Jackson, with Elias Harger as middle son Max and Dashiel and Fox Messitt as youngest son Tommy. Soni Nicole Bringas plays Kimmy's teenage daughter, Ramona.

"Fuller House" is a sequel series to "Full House" and will premiere Feb. 26 on Netflix. The show follows an adult and widowed D.J. as she raises her sons with the help of Stephanie, Kimmy and her friends and family.

"She's a bit like Danny Tanner as a dad," Bure told "Entertainment Tonight" of D.J.'s parenting style. "She's very organized and orderly. She's a single mom, so she kind of has to be with three kids, and she's the mom in the group in every way, between Kimmy and Stephanie."

"She's just a little more straight-laced than everyone else is, and the other girls kind of loosen her up along the way," she added. "I can honestly say that every scene with Andrea Barber and Jodie Sweetin and the legacy cast ... they are forever just a huge part of my heart and just so much fun."

"Full House" originally had an eight-season run from 1987 to 1995 on ABC.