Authorities in France said an intoxicated burglar who returned to the scene of his crime ended up stuck inside the hole he made in a window.

The National Gendarmerie tweeted a photo showing the suspect stuck at his waist in the hole he had made in a window at a jewelry store in Mauleon-Licharre, southwestern France.

"Drunk, he robs a shop but remains stuck ... in the window before being questioned!" the tweet read, finishing off with, "#ThugLife."

The Gendarmerie of the Pyrenees-Atlantiques explained in a Facebook post that Gendarmes had been dispatched to the store Wednesday night on a report of a break-in, but the suspect was gone before they arrived. They were summoned to the same store in the early hours of Thursday, and they then discovered the man stuck in the window.

Investigators searched the man's home and discovered items stolen from the store during the first heist. The Gendarmerie said it was unclear why the man returned to the store for a second time.

Firefighters were summoned to remove the man from the window. Police said he would spend a few hours sleeping off his intoxication in a drunk tank before being questioned.