Erwin Arnada, a former editor of Indonesian Playboy, was arrested in Bali Saturday after ignoring three orders to turn himself in for indecency.

Arnada was first tried in 2007 and cleared of all charges, but in August he was sentenced to two years in prison for indecency.

"We picked him up from Bali today to fly him to Jakarta," South Jakarta chief prosecutor Mohammed Yusuf told the BBC Saturday.

Islamist groups forced Indonesian Playboy to shut down in 2006 after its first few issues were distributed, and the Islamist Defenders Front, or FPI, called Arnanda a "moral terrorist."

The FPI and other hard-line groups appealed to the Indonesian Supreme Court after Arnanda's initial acquittal, and the court found him guilty of public indecency, even though the few issues of Indonesian Playboy did not display any nudity, the BBC said.

"We are being forced to act by the FPI as a plaintiff in this case," Yusuf said.