A British man said photographs he took in London appear to depict four flying saucers in the sky over the city.

Derek Burdon, 40, said he was standing on the roof of the 16-story Orion House early in the morning when he took the pictures, The Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday.

Burdon said he didn't notice anything unusual while he was taking the pictures.

"We couldn't believe it when we came to look at the photo. I just thought I would take some scenic shots of the London Eye and also Big Ben," he said. "There was nothing unusual in the photo and it was only when we flicked through them later that we saw them and then it started a big UFO debate.

"I have not tampered with it and you would not be able to fake it. It was taken on my mobile and I guess I am just lucky to have it. These shapes were not visible to the naked eye so it's not as if I was looking for them," Burdon told The Daily Telegraph.