Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine fame discussed how she landed her first gig while appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

"A lot of my first gigs were, I just kind of pretended I had a band and I didn't really have a band," Welch said on Wednesday of how she would lie to promoters to get booked for a show.

Welch explained that when she got booked she then immediately started looking for bandmates to join her onstage.

"I got booked for my first show by auditioning in a night-club toilet and saying I had a band and just singing," she continued.

Welch also performed twice on The Tonight Show.

The first performance featured Welch joining Jimmy Buffet and Fallon for a rendition of Buffett's classic "Margaritaville." Welch came out for the song during the show's Audience Suggestion Box segment.

Welch then took the stage with the Machine to perform their new song "My Love," which will appear on their new album titled Dance Fever, out Friday.