Tourists outside Buckingham Palace were treated to a royal flash mob of 100-plus London students who danced during the changing of the guard, witnesses said.

London24 reported about 130 University of East London dancers materialized from among the tourists gathered near the Queen Victoria memorial outside the palace Monday, performed a 4-minute routine based on Romeo and Juliet, and then melted back into the crowd.

The students danced to a mix of beats, including "We Will Rock You" by Queen, the Daily Mirror reported Tuesday.

"It was fantastic," said Canadian tourist Suzanne Kootes.

The flash mob -- a group of people organized via social media to perform a task at a set time -- was planned by palace staff to coincide with a reception by the queen for young people in the performing arts, the British news Web site said.

"The choreography had been inspired by the royal wedding and explored romance using urban dance techniques," university dance student Lucy Sam said.