Several photos from the new Star Wars series The Mandalorian were unveiled Sunday at the Star Wars Celebration Chicago convention.

Images were shared of the titular, helmeted gunfighter played by Pedro Pascal, as well as characters Greef (played by Carl Weathers) and Cara Dune (played by Gina Carano).

The pictures are also posted on the official Star Wars website and on social media.

Written and executive produced by Jon Favreau, the live-action space drama will stream exclusively on Disney+, which is scheduled to launch in November.

Giancarlo Esposito, Emily Swallow, Omid Abtahi, Werner Herzog and Nick Nolte will co-star in the show. The Mandalorian takes place between the films, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The program's title refers to those from the planet of Mandalore, the home world of bounty hunters Jango Fett and his son Boba Fett.