Firefighters in Britain responded to a home where a woman had put her finger in a bathroom sink overflow drain and became stuck.

The London Fire Brigade said crews responded to a home in Hither Green to assist a woman whose finger was stuck in her bathroom sink's overflow drain pipe.

"The lady had been told she could clean out the sink waste pipe by pulling it out -- but she couldn't and got her finger stuck," Station Officer Gary Deacon said. "She had been stuck for about 20 minutes before we arrived and called us once she'd got over the embarrassment and realized her finger was starting to hurt."

Deacon said firefighters ended up destroying the sink to free the woman.

"We did try to dismantle the whole base unit but in the end we had to use a disc cutter to smash the basin up and get the whole thing out. We used wire snips to cut the plastic pipe from her finger," he said.

"She was uninjured apart from her pride. It's the first time I've ever been called to this particular type of rescue," Deacon said.