A Colorado family enjoying a day at the lake made an unusual discovery: a floating glass bottle containing a hand-written message and artwork.

Greg Dewey said he was at Boedecker Lake in Loveland with his wife and two stepdaughters when he found the message in a bottle floating in the water.

The paper inside was dated June 10 and was covered in drawings of faces in various colors along with the words: "Be the change."

The family said they believe the message was in support of the protests that arose in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The family said they are working on their own original artwork to place into a message in a bottle on the lake.

A message in a bottle was found earlier this year after taking a more circuitous route. The bottle, which was launched off the coast of Germany, was found 19 years later on the shore of Cork, Ireland. The message was too faded for the finders to make out the sender's information.