Animal rescuers in Britain were called to a McDonald's eatery to rescue an exotic snake abandoned at the fast food restaurant.

The RSPCA said animal collection officer Shane Lynn was dispatched to the McDonald's in Middlesbrough, England, when the corn snake was found abandoned in a plastic take-out container at the side of the restaurant.

"They found the snake at 11 p.m. so a kind member of staff took him home until I was able to get to them," Lynn said.

Lynn said the snake appeared to be only about 3 weeks old.

"It looks as though he's been abandoned by someone who can no longer provide him with the care he needs. Unfortunately this is something we often see happening with exotic pets such as reptiles -- and reports of animals being abandoned are at their highest this time of year," he said.

The RSPCA said the snake is now being cared for by a specialist. Investigators are working to try to identify the person who abandoned the reptile.