Patrick Bolton was voted out of the Hustlers tribe during the third episode of Survivor's 35th season called Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers on CBS.

Patrick, a 24-year-old small business owner from Lanett, AL who currently resides in Auburn, AL, was voted out of the "Yawa" tribe on Day 8 through a unanimous vote after the tribe finished in last place at the third Immunity Challenge of the season.

Patrick cast his vote, however, for Lauren Rimmer, a 35-year-old fisherman from Beaufort, NC.

In addition to Lauren, "Yawa" is now comprised of Ali Elliott, Devon Pinto, and Ryan Ulrich going forward.

During a recent exclusive interview with Reality TV World, Patrick talked about his short-lived Survivor experience. Below is the concluding portion of what he had to say.

Reality TV World: Your tribemates caught you looking for a hidden Immunity idol, but you were shown admitting that you weren't exactly trying to hide the fact you were doing that. Why didn't you seem concerned at the time about people becoming suspicious of you or losing trust in you? Do you have any regrets in that regard?

Patrick Bolton: Yes and no. I was definitely looking for the Immunity Idol; I wanted it, I needed it. I didn't think I needed it as bad as I did, because honestly, if I had it, yes, I would have played it. Because why not if you have the opportunity to play it when you could possibly be going home?

But going in, I would have never thought I needed it. And up until about halfway through that Tribal Council was when I realized I could possibly be a vote, even though I still wasn't 100 percent certain it could be me. I was still thinking Lauren was going home.

You know, the one thing I do regret about it, is I just wish that I did more quietly. Going in, I remember I was like, "Hey, I'm going to look for the Immunity Idol," kind of like [Tony Vlachos] on last season, joking around and just thinking kind of that by mentioning it, it wouldn't make it such a big deal, when actually, it makes it that much more obvious to everyone else.

It just becomes part of the conversation, like, "Why is Patrick looking for the idol? Are you not concerned that he's looking?" And if I had been able to secretly look for the idol, would that have changed my fate in the game? It very well could have.

And I could very well still be playing next episode and really, you know, making a change in this game to show my actual strengths and show what I could actually be, as far as potential. I don't feel like I really got to my potential in this game.

Reality TV World: So were your tribemates worried you had actually found a hidden Immunity Idol then?

Patrick Bolton: No, I don't think that they thought I had an idol. I told Ryan. I trusted Ryan, and I thought he trusted me. From any of the conversations I've seen, and from talking to any of them after the fact, in no point did they [think] I had an Immunity Idol.
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No one thought I had it. I think they thought I was looking, but no one thought for sure, like, "He could have it." I don't think that was ever a thought going through someone's head.

Reality TV World: There seemed to be a disconnect between you and the tribe in that you thought you were being goofy and funny, but others translated that behavior into you being unpredictable and not taking the game seriously. Do you wish you had taken a more serious approach?

Patrick Bolton: I definitely think I should have taken a more serious approach to the game. But again, one reason I didn't take the game so seriously is because right into the game, I thought for sure I had Devon and Ryan's votes.

We had, like, a little alliance. We thought it was going to be the guys making sure the girls don't vote us off. And so, I went in thinking I was in a sturdy alliance, thinking that was something I could rely on, and then having a backup plan of, "Ali is for sure going to warn me and vote with me at all times."

So I kind of took Ali as, "Hey, I can kind of relax. I'm not worried at this point. Lauren is an easy out. Why would she not go home over me?" So I feel like I was definitely having a good time, and I was definitely, you know, not trying to hold back anything to say the least.

I was out there just goofing around and having fun, because, again, I didn't think it was me. I thought Lauren was going next. And if I could play differently, I would be more serious, or I would play more seriously. It's just something I would need to do going forward if I ever did have the opportunity to play again. I would show a more serious side.

Reality TV World: Simone Nguyen had told me that she was trying to convince the tribe you just wanted screen time so that they'd vote you out instead of her, which basically suggests you didn't care about anything else in the game. So why did you go on Survivor to begin with? Was being in the spotlight, honestly, at least part of the reason?

Patrick Bolton: Well, if you think about it, there's a million-dollar prize on the line, and that's a major incentive for me to take time out of my day, because honestly, I stay very busy with work. We have a moving company here and we're constantly making sure that we can help people. And that's kind of my day to day.

But I went on here for the experience, and pretty much, I knew it would be life-changing and really an amazing opportunity. I've missed opportunities in my past, and since those opportunities, I've told myself, "Never let an experience pass you by, because the doors don't always open up."

So, I took the opportunity and I really like the show, especially now, since being on it. It really holds a new meaning to me, and I really have enjoyed 100 percent of the Survivor experience, and I would recommend it to anyone else who's considering it. But no, I did not get on just for screen time. Simone is crazy. I love Simone, but you know, that's a little extra.

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