Eva Amurri Martino says her husband, Kyle Martino, fired their new family nanny after she sent a racy text to the former soccer player.

The actress, the daughter of Susan Sarandon, outlined the situation leading up to the termination on her blog this week, saying it's a "trashy" story.

The full-time blogger wrote that while she was returning from New York City for business, her husband revealed he fired the nanny on the spot after confronting her over a text. The message, which the nanny claimed was an accident, described NBC Sports employee Martino as "hot and [sexy]."

"I would love to [expletive] his brains out ha haah. Too bad he seems not to like thick Latin women with lots to hold on to LOL," the text went on.

After receiving the text, Martino -- who was out with his daughter at the time -- came home to discover the nanny was peeking at him from his and his wife's bedroom window -- prompting him to realize the text was not a mistake. Shortly after, he confronted the nanny and let her go.

"AND THIS IS WHY MY HUSBAND IS A LEGEND," his wife wrote. "He also realized in that moment that he was going to record his entire confrontation with her."

The ordeal made Amurri Martino feel "grateful" for her strong relationship and trust between herself and her husband. "I know that this happens all the time with different results," she said. "The rumors of this type of thing are all over the tabloids all the time."

As a result of no longer having a nanny, the family packed their belongings and together went on Kyle Martino's business trip.

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"Strangely, this bizarre Nanny experience brought us even closer (emotionally and geographically) than we would have been otherwise," Eva Amurri Martino wrote. "It's had its (extremely) stressful moments, but it's an adventure."