A kangaroo is on the loose in an Alabama town after escaping from a handler while awaiting transport to Tennessee.

Braxton Basinger, a member of the exotic animal transport crew that was taking the kangaroo, named Jack, to a buyer in Tennessee, said the kangaroo was supposed to spend a couple days at a farm in Winfield, Ala., before the final leg of the trip, but the marsupial slipped out of a worker's grip and ran off.

Basinger said workers attempted three times to capture the kangaroo without success, so Tuesday morning they were keeping an eye on the animal from a distance while waiting for a veterinarian to arrive on the scene and join their capture attempts.

Basinger said the crew frequently transports exotic animals, but has only limited experience with kangaroos.

Local resident Tiffany Perry captured video of the kangaroo hopping loose Monday evening. She said she attempted to approach the animal, but it fled into some nearby woods.