Eric McCormack said on "Conan" on Wednesday that he twerks before every taping of NBC's "Will & Grace."

McCormack told host Conan O' Brien that Megan Mullally insists that the cast members dance.

"Megan always wants to do something for Instagram," the actor said.

"She always walks out just before the curtain goes up and she's like 'Guys do a dance, do a 'Will & Grace' dance,'" he continued and noted that twerking is his only dance move.

McCormack then displayed his twerking skills next to O'Brien who joked, "It looks like you need to have some sort of corrective surgery."

McCormack last made headlines in September when he shared that "forks drop" whenever he is seen out in public sharing a meal with "Will & Grace" star Debra Messing due to fans thinking they are on television.