Emily Maynard and Jef Holm have publicly denied a report that The Bachelorette couple's relationship is on the rocks following a blowout weekend argument in which Holm discovered Maynard had allegedly been cheating on him -- just as the report basically claimed they would.

On Wednesday, Us Weekly reported Holm, Maynard and her seven-year-old daughter Ricki visited Holm's extended family -- most of whom Maynard had never yet -- at a big beach house the Holms were renting in Pawleys Island, South Carolina on Saturday. Maynard was greeted by Holm's parents, five brothers and sisters and their respective families, 20 people of whom she apparently fit in with nicely and quickly.  

However, the following night around 11PM, things reportedly took a drastic turn for the worst when Holm acted on a "nagging suspicion" that Maynard was hiding something from him and therefore looked through her cellphone. According to Us, Holm was shocked and devastated to find "explicit" photos and text messages in Maynard's phone to and from another man.

"There were texts and pictures: 'Let's do this and that with each other,'" a source close to the Holms told Us, adding that the discovery caused Holm to completely lose his cool and flip out on Maynard especially considering the couple had seemingly been so happy together up until that point.

"Jef and Emily went into a bedroom and were yelling. He said, 'You've been f-cking cheating on me for months! Pack your sh-t and get the f-ck out.'"

Ricki was reportedly present to hear Holm's brutal accusations and observe her mom breaking down into tears.

"Emily was crying and saying, 'Please don't do this in front of Ricki,'" the source said. "Ricki was terrified."

But Holm -- who proposed to Maynard three months ago while filming The Bachelorette's eighth-season finale, which aired on July 22 -- was too furious to back down, leading one of his sisters to snag Ricki and put on a movie for her in the family room to distract her from all the noise, Us reported.

After about two hours of fighting behind closed doors, Maynard reportedly left the bedroom and was comforted by Holm's sister-in-law.

"She was hugging Emily and Emily was saying she screwed up big time," the source explained, adding that the woman told Maynard everyone screws up in attempt to make her feel better.

Maynard allegedly replied, "No, I screwed up bad."

Maynard reportedly tried to explain herself to the family, but Holm didn't allow her the chance and forced her to leave immediately. According to Us, Maynard then left the house with a sleeping Ricki at 1AM and awkwardly "waved goodbye to everybody." Holm's family reportedly begged her to stay, but Maynard refused to comply with their wishes and drove off into the night.

Following Maynard's emotional departure, an "embarrassed and upset" Holm reportedly spent hours talking to his parents and then headed off to Maynard's hometown of Charlotte, NC the next morning to settle things.

"He said he wants to be done with her," added the source. "But maybe he wanted to apologize for flying off the handle."

Us reported the couple would try to maintain a "united front" in public going forward to save face, and coincidentally enough, Maynard and Holm were spotted having dinner together at Charlotte's Cowfish restaurant on August 20 -- the very next day after the big fight. Holm tweeted a photo of the pair during their meal and referred to Maynard as his "baby boo."

After they finished eating, Maynard reportedly left the restaurant but Holm stayed put.

"It was weird," another source told Us. "He just stayed behind and sat there alone."

Wednesday afternoon, after Us' report of the alleged cheating scandal and argument circulated, Maynard and Holm both issued separate statements to People denying the claims.

"It's one hundred percent not true," Maynard told People.

"It's funny to me," Holm added. "We were in a gated community in a private home with just my brothers and sisters. It's just bogus a 'source' would [say] we were fighting. None of that is true."

While the Us report suggested Maynard had packed up and left the Holms' vacation house in the middle of the night, Holm also insisted they left together at the same time.

"They must have packed me up too," he told the magazine.

Holm has reportedly spent the last few days looking at condos and apartments in Charlotte, anticipating his big move so he can be closer to his fiancee and Ricki. 

"I have never been more in love or felt more confident about our relationship. We're so excited about the future and to be back in Charlotte and things are actually happening -- looking at places to live and going to school. I'm happier than I've ever been," Maynard explained.