Elizabeth Banks mocked Donald Trump's dramatic back-lit RNC convention entrance Tuesday as she took the stage at the Democratic National Convention.

"You know, I don't usually say this about Donald Trump, but that was over the top," the actress said of the Republican presidential hopeful after she entered the stage slowly amidst a cloud of fog as Queen's "We Are the Champions" played in the background.

Banks then compared Trump to one of her most popular on-screen characters.

"Some of you know me from 'The Hunger Games,' in which I play Effie Trinket, a cruel, out-of-touch reality TV star who wears insane wigs while delivering long-winded speeches to a violent dystopia," she said. "So when I tuned into Cleveland last week I was like, 'Uh, hey, that's my act!'"

The "Power Rangers" star also got serious during her speech, however, discussing how her parents struggled to make ends meet when she was younger, and how Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton inspired her during a rally for Bill Clinton in 1992.

"It was there that I learned something really important about show business," Banks recalled. "The headliner should always watch out for someone stealing the show. Hillary Clinton rocked my world. A smart, committed, successful woman -- and not for her own benefit -- but a fighter for women and children, cops and first responders, health care and girls around the world."

Banks is the latest celebrity to speak during the Democratic National Convention, following Sarah Silverman and Al Franken calling on Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters to band together, Demi Lovato who called for greater access to mental health care before performing her song "Confident," and Eva Longoria who slammed Trump for his previous statements a regarding Mexican immigrants.