Eddie Izzard announced Monday he will attempt to complete 27 marathons in 27 days across South Africa for Sport Relief 2016.

The journey, which will see the British actor and comedian trying to run more than 700 miles in temperatures of up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, will be documented by the BBC.

The 54-year-old entertainer will begin the challenge Feb. 23. His last run is set for March 20.

"I was inspired to run 27 marathons in 27 days for Sport Relief after seeing the film 'Invictus,'" Izzard said in a statement.

"The film featured a poem called 'Invictus' -- one of Nelson Mandela's favorite poems during his 27 years in prison. He used it to give himself determination to keep himself going and keep his spirit alive. It's a beautiful poem about being the master of your own fate and destiny. Watching the film, I suddenly realized -- I have to run in South Africa. I should run 27 marathons in 27 days as a salute to the great man. It is also a salute to all who struggled and fought against Apartheid. So, I am delighted to be doing this for Sport Relief. But, of course, 27 marathons in 27 days is nothing compared to what Nelson Mandela did by serving 27 years in prison. He was a great soul and leaves a fantastic legacy for the world. PS... I tried to do this four years ago and failed. This time, I will succeed. But if I fail, I will come back again and again and again until I do succeed. Because that's what Nelson Mandela would have done."

Damian Kavanagh, controller of BBC Three, added: "BBC Three is uniquely placed to cover Eddie's challenge on our new platforms and on social media -- transforming the BBC's offer for young people means we should do whatever we can, wherever we need to, with whoever works best and whenever is appropriate, to tell amazing stories just like this one."