Two Ohio women accused of attacking family members after an argument about church seating on Easter were sentenced to 14 days of already-served jail time.

Anna Britten, 36, of East Price Hill, and LaTonya Foster, 46, of Mount Auburn, had been charged with felonious assault and each faced up to eight years in prison, but pleaded guilty to misdemeanor aggravated trespass with the blessing of the victims and they were each sentenced to 14 days of time served, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported Thursday.

"They were all related," Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor Josh Berkowitz said. "This was a family dispute. The victims wanted this to be resolved, especially before Christmas."

Prosecutors said the trouble began April 8 at a Forest Park church during Easter Sunday services, when one side of the family arrived late and found the other side sitting in their usual pew.

The disagreement led to harsh words being exchanged on Facebook and Britten and Foster visited the home of family member Regina McCloud April 10 to discuss the issue. However, the conversation became heated and ended with Britten hitting McCloud in the head with an aluminum bat and Foster stabbing Mary McCloud in the stomach and left arm, police said.

None of the injuries were serious, prosecutors said.

"You shouldn't start fights in church," Visiting Common Pleas Court Judge Rich Niehaus said at Wednesday's sentencing.