Dumbo soars above the crowd in the first teaser trailer for the film by Tim Burton.

The live action version of the classic tale stars Colin Farrell, Nico Parker. Finley Hobbins, Danny DeVito, Michael Keaton, Alan Arkin and Eva Green and follows the story of a family who cares for a baby elephant with oversized ears called Dumbo. Dumbo, who works in a circus, gets ridiculed for his huge ears, but soon shows everyone when he uses them to fly. His success brings him to a larger circus, Dreamland, where he learns that nothing is what it seems.

The teaser shows Dumbo being found and taken in by a family, his mother being taken away from him, and him flying high above the circus.

The original version of Dumbo was an animated film released in 1941. Other live action remakes in the works include The Lion King, Mulan and Aladdin.

Dumbo will be out in theaters on March 29, 2019.