Police in Ohio said an incident that began with a drunken wedding guest refusing to stop dancing with the groom ended in the woman's arrest.

The bride told police Brooke Burke, whose age was not released, was extremely intoxicated at the Saturday reception at Clarence Church Pavilion in North Olmsted and become angry when she was asked to stop slow dancing with the groom, The Morning Herald, Lorain, reported Tuesday.

The bride said Burke tried to attack her and other wedding guests said she had pushed several other women, including a pregnant woman.

Auxiliary police officer Dan Kuack, who was working off-duty security at a wedding reception, said he spotted Burke arguing outside with a group of men who were attempting to stop her from driving. He said Burke went back inside when she was told a cab was on the way for her and Kuack saw Burke again attempt to assault the bride.

Kuack said Burke struck him several times when he attempted to restrain her.

Burke was charged with assault and disorderly conduct intoxication-persisting.