Wei Siang Yu, a medical doctor who bills himself as Dr. Love, is turning Singapore's new openness to sex into a media and business empire.

Wei's holdings include a TV show, books, romantic cruises and package trips to exotic destinations -- and even a drop-in advice center called the Playroom, the Los Angeles Times reports.

"This city is still very repressed when it comes to open talk about sex," he said. "With me, they get a listening ear. I don't judge them. I just answer their questions."

The puritanical Singapore government has begun allowing more adult entertainment because authorities are worried by the low birth rate. The city state's estimate 4 million residents have not been having enough children to replace themselves for about three decades.

Singapore is still not an "anything goes" place -- Playboy is still forbidden. But there is a topless bar and movies are advertised for their steamy sex scenes.