Visitors to a Florida beach said they were surprised to discover the water filled with dozens of baby lemon sharks.

Beach-goers in New Smyrna Beach said they first spotted the shark pups Monday. The sharks have since been swarming near the shore, surprising swimmers and surfers.

"They went under me and it like hit my board and I was like 'oh my gosh!'" surfer Ava McGowan, 10, told WKMG-TV.

Photographer Kem McNair estimated there could be up to 40 baby sharks swimming around the beach.

"Them being babies, maybe a year old, they're very curious about all of their environment. So they come up and check things out and basically, if you move your little toe or any kind of movement you make it scares them, and they just dart away I mean like 100 miles an hour, just incredibly fast," he told WMFE-AM.

Mike Fischer used his camera drone to capture video of dozens of the sharks swimming close to shore.

"They're just curious. They just want to know what we're about. I think we're more scared of them than they are of us," Fischer said.