Donald Glover appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss his role as Simba in Disney's upcoming remake of The Lion King and the future of his music career as Childish Gambino.

Glover, who appeared on the late night show on Tuesday dressed in a furry lion costume, said that his son is a big fan of the original Lion King and that he wanted to surprise him about his role in the film.

The actor's plan was to have his son discover that his father voices Simba while watching the remake. Glover explained how his secret was safe since his son doesn't watch television, however, he still somehow knew that Beyonce stars in the film.

"I was like 'How did you know that? But also daddy's in it. I'm in it too,'" Glover said about the conversation he had with his son.

"I'm just saying that Beyonce has people who haven't even seen television loving her. She's incredible," he joked.

The Lion King is set to arrive in theaters on July 19.

Glover, when asked if he was going to continue making music as Childish Gambino, said that he thinks he will still continue to do shows.

"I'm not quite sure," he said. "I love music, I really love making music."