Two Montreal-area women said they would head to British Columbia to retrieve a dog that spent three days by his master's body in a lonely trailer.

Melanie Pellerin, 34 and Christianne Hendershott, 24, of Beaconsfield did not know Cyril Roy, 58, who died of heart failure Nov. 27, The Montreal Gazette reported. But Pellerin's husband, Frank Palumbo, was moved by the story of Roy and his dog Fred, and offered to help get the dog to Roy's siblings.

"Cyril and the dog had such a powerful link," Pellerin said. "When Cyril was sick he refused to go to the hospital because he didn't want to leave the dog."

There were some logistical problems. Fred, a kugsha, stands more than 3 feet tall, and Air Canada will not ship live animals during the winter months.

Palumbo used air miles to get plane tickets. VIA Rail Canada donated a first-class compartment for the trip home.

Roy's siblings say they wanted to bring Fred east because he is the only living link they have with their brother. Fred will get a permanent home with Karen Roy, a sister who breeds dogs in eastern Ontario.

Hendershott and Pellerin were scheduled to leave Friday.