A California man introduced his dog to one of Boston Dynamics' quadruped robots as a display of what he called the "uncanny uncanine valley."

Steve Jurvetson shared video of the terrier named Fido aggressively barking at and chasing down one of Boston Dynamics' "Spot" quadruped walking robots.

"The robot's lifelike movement catches the attention of a real dog," he wrote.

Jurveston stated that the Spot robot shown in the video is the only one in civilian hands and performed various other tests with the machine.

The "Spot" model was revealed in February 2015 and is designed to maintain its balance while climbing rocky hills and other rough terrain.

The products of Google's Boston Dynamics' robot production company have not experienced many friendly interactions with their human counterparts, as the company's humanoid "Atlas" model was shown participating in a "boot camp of bullying."