An Oregon woman said her dog suffered several injuries during a scuffle with three deer in her yard, but the canine is expected to recover.

Tiffany Rounds of Bend said she went to get a camera to take pictures of the two doe and the buck in her backyard last week, but her dog, Daisy, bolted out when she opened the door and confronted the intruders, KTVZ-TV, Bend, reported.

Rounds said Monday the two doe "immediately started beating her on with their hooves, and then the buck comes and tries to get her with his antlers -- this big ol' rack and this small dog."

Rounds said Daisy suffered a punctured chest cavity and head wounds but she was expected to recover fully from all injuries.

Steven George, a biologist with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife in Bend, said dog owners should beware around deer.

"The deer don't differentiate between whether it's a domestic dog or coyote," George said. "They see a dog as a predator to them."