A New York man suing the studio that photographed his wedding said he is dissatisfied and wants to recreate the event, despite the fact that he is now divorced.

Todd Remis, who is suing H & H Photographers in State Supreme Court, said he wants the $4,100 he paid the studio for photographing his 2003 wedding refunded and an additional $48,000 to fly friends and relatives to the city and recreate the event for another photographer to document, The New York Times reported Thursday.

Remis, who filed his lawsuit in 2009, one year after separating from wife Milena Grzibovska and a year before their divorce was finalized, said the photographers failed to take any pictures of the couple's first dance and the bouquet toss. He said the pictures that were taken "unacceptable as to color, lighting, poses, (and) positioning."

H & H owners Curt Fried, 87, and his son, Dan, said they have already spent $50,000 in legal fees. Dan Fried called the case "an abuse of the legal system."