Turning down Ashton Kutcher for a date led to a near-breakdown for Kirsten Dunst, who was set up in a phony sting by the host of MTV's "Punk'd."

Two friends of the actress took her out for a night of drinking vodka shooters. But Dunst downed the real thing and they drank water. While driving home, a pair of fake police officers pulled over the car being driven by one of the friends.

During questioning, the friend backed the car into the police car, prompting the 22-year-old Dunst to begin sobbing and telling the phony cop "She's not drunk -- she's just nervous," The Mirror reported.

Adding to the embarrassment, the fake cops found a sex video in the vehicle. Dunst snapped "What, is it a crime to own a porno now?"

At that point, Kutcher appeared and explained he had set up the fiasco in return for Dunst failing to call him back when he asked for a date four years ago.