A U.S. co-author of a book that examines male behavior says it is "the cheapest and most valuable therapy session" for readers who might benefit from it.

Co-authors Maria Blanco and Jane Black say their "Dictionary of Men" highlights 365 different male types, one for every day of the year, with short, witty descriptions for each type. Blanco and Black say each male type is defined based on such criteria as hometown, alma mater, profession, car, shoes, hygiene, social skills, favorite food, cocktail of choice, among other intimate characteristics.

Part II of the book -- "True Romantic and Unfortunate Encounters" -- contains illustrated, real-life dating vignettes that define specific males. The content -- including "High-Maintenance Hayden" and "Marco the Mama's Boy" -- comes from stories told by a wide-variety of women from various socio-economic backgrounds, races and ages.

"I just wish we had access to this small, but thick book of wisdom earlier on in my dating and professional life," Blanco said in a statement. "All women have acute intuition, but they just don't use it. Seeing other women's trials and tribulations in print is the cheapest and most valuable therapy session.

"Men who were privy to a private viewing of the book can't put it down," Black said in a statement. "For men, it's like picking up a personalized version of GQ, Maxim or Playboy where all their buddies and bunnies can be found."