Denis Leary and James Corden dressed as Bill and Hillary Clinton and dedicated a new version of Leary's classic comedy song "Ass[expletive]" to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Because the entire word is not permitted to be uttered on network television, CBS -- home to Corden's "The Late Late Show" -- bleeped out half of it and covered Leary's and Corden's mouths with animated American flags, all to hilarious effect.

"No matter how bad, no matter how bad we can be..." Corden as Hillary sings.

"We've never said Mexicans are rapists on TV," Leary as Bill chimes in.

Lyrics include, "And I've never asked Russia to hack the USA or said that my daughter is someone I want to date." Another gem is: "He won't show his taxes. He won't even try. He's kicking out babies when they start to cry, while wearing a red, white and blue, Chinese tie!"

The song's chorus was: "Trump's an ass[expletive,] he's an ass[expletive,] what an ass[expletive.] He's an ass[expletive,] he's the world's biggest ass[expletive]."