U.S. actor and TV personality David Hasselhoff was in the hospital Sunday, but did not suffer an alcohol relapse as has been reported, his attorney said Monday.

Hasselhoff, who reportedly has had a drinking problem for many years, is a judge on the popular reality competition series "America's Got Talent," which wrapped its most recent season last week.

TMZ reported his 17-year-old daughter, Hayley, called her mother, Pamela, telling her David was intoxicated, prompting one of Pamela's friends to call 911. Paramedics then transported Hasselhoff from his Encino, Calif., home to the hospital, the entertainment news Web site said.

However, Hasselhoff's attorney, Mel Goldsman, told People.com the reason for the trip to the hospital was "all a misunderstanding."

"David was being treated for an inner ear infection and had a bad reaction to his medication over the weekend," Goldsman said. "He lost his equilibrium and it left him dizzy. This was not an alcohol relapse. David was taken to Encino Hospital on Sunday and released within the hour. He's fine now and looking forward to doing his jury duty this week."