As Sabrina Bryan's participation in Dancing with the Stars' current tour comes to a close and she leaves for India to film her third Disney TV-movie, The Cheetah Girls starlet is facing separation from her beau, Dancing professional Mark Ballas.

"We're trying to figure out if he's going to be able to come visit," Bryan told TV Guide in a Thursday report. "If he does, hopefully it'll be around Valentine's Day. But we don't know yet because if he's on [Dancing with the Stars Spring 2008 sixth season], they start training on the sixteenth of February. And the tour doesn't end until the tenth."

Because she has to fly to India for 10 weeks to shoot the movie, Bryan's participation in the 37-city North American tour came to a close January 13 in Kansas City.  However she decided against immediately flying home to prepare for her overseas trip to instead stayed on the tour for another full week without dancing.

"Mark said, 'Just stay until Monday [January 21], please!'" Bryan told TV Guide, watching Ballas rehearse in Indianapolis with a fellow professional.  "I'm dying.  There have been so many ups and downs of me leaving. I've gone through the sob-fest twice already."

Following their surprise elimination during Dancing with the Star 5's sixth week of competition, Ballas and Bryan returned to the ballroom for the live fifth-season finale broadcast to perform a routine.  However Ballas was in visible pain during parts of it, grabbing at his shoulder, and was subsequently taken to the hospital for a dislocated shoulder.

While Ballas had surgery and joined the tour at its first stop in Seattle last December -- he didn't participate for the first 10 days, meaning Bryan had to two-step with Dancing professional Derek Hough.

"The first couple of shows were fun," Bryan told TV Guide.  "But when I got to dance with Mark again, it was like, wow. That was in Arizona [on December 28]. I remember looking at him and wanting to just hug him, like, you're back! Sitting on the sidelines is not for someone like him."  

Ballas said he's recovered from the injury.

"My arm's working now," he told TV Guide. "I was worried there for a little bit."

Bryan told TV Guide "it's crazy to think of everything you have to pack" as she prepared to depart for India, but it's who she has to leave behind that will be the most difficult aspect of her trip to overcome.

"This is so hard," she told TV Guide.