Managers at a Boston restaurant said a man apologized for playing a "game" designed to demean a waitress at the eatery.

Nicole LeClair said she was working as a waitress on the night shift July 23 at J.M. Curley's when the customer and a female companion came in and ordered a beer the restaurant was out of, the Boston Herald reported Friday.

"Hold on a second. Do you want to play a game?" LeClair quoted the man as saying.

"Here's your tip," he said, while putting a stack of dollar bills on the table, "and every time something goes wrong, I'm going to dock you a dollar."

LeClair said the man took away a dollar when she told him they did not have orange soda and another when a runner served them their food instead of the waitress delivering it personally.

Managers Suzanne Dagenais and Patrick Maguire said the man apparently did not read the "law and order" section of their menu, which states, "The customer is NOT always right ... the respectful customer is always right, and the (expletive) customer is always wrong ... Just don't be a (expletive)."

"I was three-quarters of the way into dressing him down when he began to apologize profusely," Maguire said. "He said he was in the restaurant industry in New York. You would think someone who was in the same business would realize what he did wasn't funny or cute."

LeClair said the couple left $71 for a $50.83 tab and the man wrote "so sorry" on the bill.