Coupled star Alexandra "Alex" Clark had extreme highs and lows on her date with Tyler Gattuso and Alicia Blanco, and she's ready to open up about them all.

After having a couple of steamy makeout sessions with Tyler and admitting to Alicia what went down, Alicia took subtle shots at Alex in order to embarrass her in front of the guy she really liked and saw a future with. Alicia made Alex out to be a "Stage 5 Clinger" and even went as far as to poke fun at her picky eating habits.

"I was so done. She had rubbed me the wrong way before, but when that happened, I had lost all of my respect for her," Alex wrote in her blog.

"Nothing about that conversation between us three was her being a protective 'big sister.' As insecure as I was about her looks, she was just as insecure about mine and Tyler's connection, and it showed."

"As Taylor Swift famously said quoting Katie Couric, 'There's a special place in Hell for women who don't help other women.'"

The following day, Alex and Tyler enjoyed a little tic-tac-toe date on the beach.

"He sits me on his lap and says, 'I just want to let you know that I am 100% not cool with how Alicia treated you last night and tried to talk crap about you in front of me. Honestly she seems super fake. One thing I like about you is how authentic you are about yourself. You know?" Alex wrote.

In fact, Tyler allegedly promised Alex, "You have nothing to worry about tonight [for the decision]." She apparently giggled and replied, "No comment."

While the episode made it seem like Alex was completely smitten with Tyler, she confessed to ignoring a red flag.

"I reminded him that I'm waiting until I'm married to have sex and he responded by saying, 'We'll see about that!' He was kidding and trying to be like, 'You couldn't resist this' or whatever, but it was a red flag and bothered me," she explained.

"Any girl who's waiting for marriage knows the #1 thing a guy could say to piss us off is that they'll change our mind. He also told me that Alicia was more his type physically than I was. That really fueled a lot of my insecurities I had going into it. I knew that if he chose her, it was going to be based off of that for him and I was scared."

When it was time for Tyler to reveal his decision, Alex said she was "SURE" he was choosing her.

"I mean, that's what he had said on our date right? Called out [Alicia's] character, said she was fake -- what guy would want to be with a girl with qualities like that, that he called out?" Alex wrote in her blog.
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"[Host Terrence Jenkins] asked Tyler what he liked about each of us. He said, 'With Alex, she is the only girl I've ever met who can REALLY make me laugh. With Alicia, I mean, she's Latina.' Now, as angry as I was with Alicia, I was pretty put off by that FOR her. If I was her, that would have really offended me."

Alex elaborated on why she found that remark so inappropriate.

"Like, you think I'm hot cause I'm Latina? Is that it? I thought that was offensive. If he would've said that about me, I would've not been okay with that and probably asked to go back to the Bungalows also. Then, he picked her," Alex recalled.

"When he first tells me his choice I am honestly in shock momentarily and then concentrated on not crying out of anger. I have never been so angry in my entire life. My blood was boiling. IRATE is the best word to describe it."

At this point, Alicia's character wasn't the only one Alex was disgusted with.

"All I could think about was HIS character, and how he could want to be with someone who treats others that way. Then I was humiliated. Why would he tell me all of that on our date and then blindside me on national television?" Alex admitted.

"He goes on to tell me that I was actually his choice UNTIL his date with her, and that for some reason he changed his mind but that it was an honest '50/50 split choice and a hard decision.' Uh huh. Okay."

Alicia attempted to comfort Alex afterward, apologizing for stealing her man and then begging her not to be mad. Alicia hoped she could remain Alex's "big sister."  

"I remember just staring at her thinking, 'Are you serious right now? You are the LAST person I ever want to see again,'" Alex said.

Alex was very proud of herself for not crying in front of Tyler even though she returned to the Bungalows bawling her eyes out.

"The girls were so valid pointing out that he is clearly no one to waste tears over, if he saw Alicia for who she was and still decided to choose her anyways," Alex snapped.