A pair of running enthusiasts exchanged vows after running 22.5 miles of Texas' LiveStrong Austin Marathon and completed the race as husband and wife.

Amanda Kirschner, 28, and David Guzman, 30, who said they have run 10 marathons together, were married by retired state District Judge Jon Wisser during Sunday's race and finished the final 3.7 miles as a married couple, the Austin American-Statesman reported Monday.

"I feel actually better now than at mile 22.5 because we're done," said Kirschner, who ran the race in a white running skirt, a shirt labeled "Bride" and a small veil over her ponytail.

Guzman dressed for the occasion with a black tuxedo-print T-shirt.

"Neither of us wanted a big wedding," Kirschner said. "Running is a huge part of both or our lives. It just seemed really perfect for us. Running is such a glue."

Race officials said proposals are common along the course, but Sunday's event marked the first wedding in the marathon's history.