A New Brunswick, Canada, couple who married at the age of 83 said they shared their first kiss 75 years earlier.

George Raynes and Carol Harris, who married Saturday at the Lancaster Baptist Church in St. John, said they met in the first grade in 1936 and shared their first kiss in a third grade production of "Sleeping Beauty," the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported Tuesday.

"I was sleeping beauty and he was my prince," Harris said.

Raynes said he wasn't actually supposed to kiss Harris onstage.

"But the rascal that I was, I laid a big wet one on her. And she jumped up like a startled deer, you know," he said.

Raynes moved to Ontario after high school, married and started a family. The two friends kept in touch and reconnected in person when Raynes visited in June, following the death of his wife of 61 years.

"He suggested that we had had a great time and we had always been good friends and why don't we spend the rest of our lives together," Harris said. "I can't help but think ... that my prince from Grade 3 has finally come home to stay. And I think it's just marvelous."