Public speculation is that the wide-eyed runaway bride will not garner much sympathy from a jury in her legal battles over money with her former fiance.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that John Mason, the groom left standing at the altar in April 2005, has filed a response to the lawsuit filed by Jennifer Wilbanks over the $500,000 the couple received from ReganMedia for telling their story.

In his counterclaim, Mason calls Wilbanks' actions "intentional, reckless, extreme and outrageous" and adds he still carries the scars of being suspected by law enforcement when his bride-to-be was on the lam.

"If this gets to a jury, I feel that she will be in bad shape," Atlanta attorney B.J. Bernstein told the Journal. "She is not a sympathetic figure for a jury, and that can make all the legal issues moot."

Mason believes he deserves compensation for the "emotional and monetary losses" he suffered during Wilbanks' weird odyssey to New Mexico to avoid her extravagant wedding that included 14 bridesmaids and 600 guests.